Take a Holiday or Study Overseas
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AVision's online purchasing tool is designed to help globetrotters like you obtain essential insurance coverage for all your traveling needs. Add a travel policy to your check list to secure peace of mind as you prepare to leave home for your adventures abroad.

Imagine your family is having a day of fun and adventure in a famous tourist attraction, minutes before a 6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes. Apart from dealing with a traumatic disruption to your holiday, are you financially prepared to face hospitalization and medical evacuation costs in a foreign land, especially when your luggage and travel documents have become displaced?

If you are a student, your study-abroad experience is an important step in your education; you have the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and gain international exposures in a foreign institution. It would be distressing to face life’s perils without any financial protection or emergency assistance.

AVision understands unpredictability. Catastrophes such as natural disasters, sudden illness, burglary or terrorism, or even minor inconveniences like a flight delay are known to have derailed many holidays and threatened important overseas agendas. Your prudence in securing insurance coverage against mishaps is your best financial guarantee.

Our history of helping Customers successfully recover losses during travel mishaps led us to feature three superior travel insurance products for our customers’ selection.

In just a few simple steps, your travel or overseas student insurance policy can be issued online, giving you protection for your important trip away from home. Importantly, if you secure coverage ahead of the departure date–your pre-paid travel costs may be reimbursed in the unfortunate event of a last-minute trip cancellation.

With Buy Online, you can look forward to bringing your baggage on the plane, and leaving your worries on the tarmac.