Premier Health Insurance

Comprehensive medical protection and extensive coverage are essential criteria for a family's accident and health insurance, regardless of where you work and live. Whether one is staying in the home country or has recently been relocated, our recommendation always begins with considering the importance of having a reliable protection that can grow and move with you over the years.

AVision offers superior healthcare plans which have been tried, tested, and widely acclaimed by policyholders. We are the advocates for a thorough and full disclosure process as we understand the importance of having your insurance in order when you need it most. We also understand that as ageing increases health risks, it is absolutely important that your policy is suitable for you from the first year, and every year thereafter.

Which is why we recommend the exceptional MyHEALTH Plans offered through Liberty Insurance. Be in total control with the freedom to choose any outpatient physician and specialist, or use the providers which are on the direct-billing network. MyHEALTH has the options to fit every coverage and budgetary requirement and the exceptional facility to keep you on the plan even when you relocate to another country.

For those requiring maternity and dental options, MyHEALTH has all the solutions to keep you and your family members comfortably insured.